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Niagara Falls Youth Services

Reporting Center

The Reporting Center is a safety net for young people who find themselves entering the criminal justice system or for those who are at risk out in the community not currently on probation.

The goal of the Reporting Center is to redirect vulnerable, disenfranchised youth away from the lives of academic failure, crime, and incarceration…..and steer them towards a future filled with success, hope and meaningful contributions to their families and their communities. 

Our staff conducts  direct outreach to the child and  family, providing parents /guardians a way to reach out for help as as an alternative to the criminal justice system.

Youth On Probation

Youth who are currently on probation through the Niagara County Probation Department, whether  juvenile delinquency (JD) or persons in need of supervision (PINS) status.  Weekly visits, groups and individual sessions, and recreational activities as mandated by the court or their probation officer are part of the program.  A CRISIS HOTLINE,  is in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to assist families with emergency situations.

Youth Not On Probation

As an alternative to probation as a person in need of supervision (PINS) we strive to provide the services to those families in need of assistance and who may not be ready to take the matter into the criminal justice system.  Through groups, individual sessions and tutoring we engage youth to practice positive behaviors.

Youth With Poor Academic Performance or School Attendance

The Truancy Program an initiative with the Niagara Falls School District is geared to improve the academic success of individuals who have been identified as having difficulty attending school on a regular basis.  The Truancy Program works with families to help improve school attendance and academic performance. This is accomplished through collaborative efforts that involve the school, family and Reporting Center staff. 

The Reporting Center staff will work with individual families to develop a contingency plan to improve school performance. Home and school visits, monitoring of attendance, grades, and disciplinary actions taken by the school are essential components of the program.  (Niagara  Falls Location only at this time).

Back On Track

Back on Track works with youth who have been deemed as “at-risk” who are between the ages of 16-17. This includes youth who have a PINS or JD status through the family court or probation system, as well as referrals from the school district and the community. The mission of the program is to provide high intensity case management for the youth in order to reduce the rate of recidivism in our communities among our youth.

For More Information Contact:

Niagara Falls Office:

Richard Thomas, Program Director
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Lockport Office:
Alicia Hutton, Site Supervisor
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