Buffalo Federation of Neighborhood Centers

Youth Services

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We Believe In Investing In The Future

BFNC is dedicated equiping young people with the skills needed to be successful in life.  We offer a range of services to address the issues that young people face daily. Our staff works with youth ages 9-21 in Buffalo, Niagarar Falls and Lockport to improve access to health care and to reduce risky behaviors.

Our goals are to:
  • Promote healthy behaviors.
  • Ensure access to healthcare services.
  • Expand opportunities and provide support for youth.
  • Develop a coordinated plan for a community effort to improve the local environment for young people.


We facilitate educational programs in neighborhoods where there is the greatest health and socio-economic burden using a multi-dimensional model including:
  • Small group, evidence-based education in such diverse sites as faith-based organizations, schools, group homes, and community centers.
  • Mentoring for youth and their parents to help them access appropriate health care resources.
  • Youth development activities including; summer employment, educational workshops, and community service.
  • Programs to help youth understand risk-taking behaviors.

  • Community collaborations to help youth learn and grow.


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