Buffalo Federation of Neighborhood Centers

Care Management

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​BFNC provides comprehensive services
Tailored to meet the unique needs of all individuals. 

What are Care Management Services? 

BFNC Care Management is a group of comprehensive health and community workers and agencies who assist individuals and families with many health issues get what they need to stay healthy and safer in the community. Each individual will work directly with a Care Manager to meet their needs, reach their goals, and get the services they need in their community. 

Why is this important for me?

You may be invited to join a Health Home if you have many health issues (including mental health), are having problems getting the care you need and are receiving Medicaid. 

A BFNC Care Manager will work with you to understand what you need to stay healthy. You may need housing. You may need help getting enough food. You may need transportation. You may have problems getting your medications or taking them. You may use the emergency room a lot or end up in the hospital often. Once the care manager knows what you need, she/he will work with you and the BFNC Care Management team to help you get those services and to teach you how to stay healthy.

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